This is the new page for all of the bio updates in the quizlet class. Here they are below:
The Word Masters Class
Just kidding it's just for general studying for things like history or
English or the Geo Bee or something, I might rename it
sometime soon or not, you'll see.
Also If I point you to the bio this is what it is.
Hi there!
I've added a revised edition of the quizlet set with updated
spelling and more to the bone definitions.
Your welcome.
Hey Peeps,
Its your other class admin n8manbrl, I just renamed the class,
because wordmasters just ended and i want to make the class
open to all subjects.
N8 Berol
Hi again,
To read large blocks of text, I reccomend you use the Spritzlet,
Or if you're on mobile, use the readsy website. There are some
problems I need to solve with the bio, back in a bit.